My obsession with entrepreneurship

This is me documenting a problem that I have… my total obsession with building a business. I got serious,...started making adjustments years ago but I’ve struggled with this for as long as I can remember. Literally, as long as I can remember. Starting a business, being famous, supermodels, and fast cars are all I really wanted to learn about.  Think about that. Living with a dream to live like the people on TV or in magazines is all you ever wanted to be. The most advanced life was my ambition. 

Beginning this same time last year(maybe a little bit earlier) I doubled down on a few commitments that were instrumental in my path to happiness. Telling myself that if it were ever to be a chance then this and that, etc would have to happen. So I spent more time in those areas. Relationship and Financial.

It’s like unraveling a tangle of some sort… there is always a moment where it seems impossible and yet I kept going. And then when I got to the end of the tangle I appreciate how hard it was and then there is no tangle. I’m happy and more encouraged to be patient, content, and confident that a life with no tangles is kinda boring.  

This was a familiar feeling.

Two decades of frustration had me imposing my will on current surroundings in which I now recognize as a false reality. Things happened but I still just can’t believe it. 

I will look back on this moment and this documentation a lot like I looked at my journal entries now. The intimacy with yourself is amazing. It allows me the freedom to be who I am right now and respect who I was writing those words in that moment.

My Mom used to tell me “ I’ve made a million dollars already son” and I may never remember what she said after that but I can still hear her voice. I’ve made a million too Mom and just like you did I don’t have shit to show for it. I don’t know what I said for her to have a response but I was obviously infatuated with money at a young age and I still am. 

Stay with me as I learn how to turn 1k a month into 10k month.

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