Show up and work smarter... 002

Show up and work smarter... 002

I keep falling short on creating content to put out on a technical level because I have basically never been consistent at putting out content. I just lose interest in whatever I am doing so fast. 

hotel balcony with metal railing

This is not my first attempt though and I am not going to lie. All this stuff is hard to keep up with and especially if you don't practice it everyday. I've been the one trying to sell people on social and I don't even have a strong social. 


You wanna know what my reasoning was??? 

I was trying to find the right people to make content with.

Yeah! That's a pretty dumb fucking reason for a guy trying to be a digital anything not to have a fully up to date social. I guess nothing screams idiot huh? 

Enough with the rant... You came here to learn something. Here it is. 

Altlanta Perimiter Skyline

Put your shit out there man and don't worry about how good it looks but get your shit out there. Let it be rough and raw. You will get better the more and more you do this. 

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