Why do we run 3 blogs on our website?

Why do we run 3 blogs on our website?

Well to be honest... I don't have enough money, patience, and most importantly time to run three different websites but I kinda need THREE outlets to do what I need to do right now. 

My vision for The Shopify Blog is a place where I can help small businesses, particularly local ones, get on the platform and leverage their local brand power to a wider audience. This should provide additional revenue streams and facilitate deeper engagement with their customers off a social media platform. We all know how important it is to control your own destiny in the game of livelihood. If you don't get my drift then send me a message or drop a comment and I'll gladly explain. 

The tjtimbo blog is simply a place for me to be me without reservation. I've hesitated to include this section on my site because I can be a bit hasty sometimes with my opinion. I often make a judgement and then revisit it over and over again until I am certain that is the way I feel about it only to change my mind the next week. I know it sounds crazy as hell but that's just the way I roll. My hesitation was that my opinion would drive away business and I've determined that since privacy means just about nothing to us in a digital age so I am going for it. Here I am. 

Fowler's Trading Company is a funny one because it is actually the parent company of this entire empire and while it is essentially no different legally than Social Clouds I'm still trying to sell shit to get of debt. If nothing else I need a place to speak as an entity that is literally trying to sell stuff on the internet and not a marketing agency. 

There you have it. The first ever blog post from Social Clouds. I hope you enjoyed and as you can tell I'm not much for fancy stuff but I am BIG on action.  I promise these post will get better because I am searching for ways to bring tremendous value to my audience so that when you hire me to do that for yours you will know that I bring the heat and you can the entire process of me finding a brand voice from the ground up. 

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