Hoodie vs Sweatshirt? Which one do you prefer?

Hoodie vs Sweatshirt? Which one do you prefer?

Are you a sweatshirt person or a hoodie person? I was trying to think of the first hoodie I had or sweatshirt for that matter but I’m having a really hard time. I think the sweatshirt could be making a comeback!

vintage apple sweatshirt

I don't remember wearing a hoodie when I was growing up but I do remember people having hoodies. I want to remember that I always had sweatshirts but I think they were mainly just plain with no design on them. My grandma used to cut fabric for Hanes in the 90’s where I would spend my summers working with her in or around the factory.  We always had a good number of t-shirts or sweatshirts from her given to us at Christmas time. The only problem with that was we thought they were ugly.

fabric cutter tool on table full of fabric

They probably weren't that bad now that I am honestly thinking about it. I think the only reason that she made a big deal about it was because my parents were stoners. We had a non-profit visit the house one time because I wore jeans to elementary school with a hole in the knee. I thought it was the coolest pair of jeans in the world since both my parents wore jeans with holes in them and most of the pop art( album covers) I was exposed to depicted ripped jeans as cool.

Guns N Roses GNR

The sweatshirt. I personally like a good sweatshirt over a hoodie but I don’t remember when I switched to wearing hoodies but I can tell you that I have lost my love affair with them in the last couple years. A sweatshirt seems right for me and I hardly ever wear the "hood" on the hoodie. The first thing I usually do is take the string out of the hood because it just looks dumb but even that habit has started to wane in my ripe old age of 39.

UPS driver delivering in a rain jacket

Now if we are talking zip hoodie vs zip sweater then I have equal amounts of love for those and I may even lean more toward a zip hoodie because of the versatility. In the beginning years of my mid-life I have realized that I do not enjoy rain going down the back of my shirt. This is likely a product of my 9-5 job as a supervisor for UPS. I love being outside and working with people but I despise the cold and I used to love the rain, keyword being “used”.tommy hilfiger sweatshirt

I’m a sweatshirt person. I suppose if I am going to be outside for a prolonged period of time then I would choose a hoodie but then again I could always put a jacket on or probably some other combination. At UPS we wear uniforms so a hoodie vs sweatshirt debate is quickly solved with a rain jacket over a button up brown shirt. I am not opposed to a hoodie but I think that I am recognizing which one I am.

Which one are you? Let me know in the comments!

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EEKS, can I say this? A hoodie is just a sweatshirt with a hood. I am 10+ years ahead of you and growing up, a zip up hoodie was considered a sweat- jacket…I.E Rocky!. So if it isn’t windy, it’s a sweatshirt all the way, on the other hand, wind requires a sweatshirt with a hood. Have a wonderful day and thank you.

Dawn A Hibler

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