Bohemian Bull, Charleston, SC- No bullshit here!

Bohemian Bull, Charleston, SC- No bullshit here!

In an otherwise ordinary building just outside of historic downtown Charleston sits a place full of low country vibes along with a couple bullhorns. Don’t be fooled though.. This place is a serious bar with a deep dive into comfort food.

front entrance to Bohemian Bull in Charleston SC

We had only been at the James Island Campground for a couple of hours but we were both starving to death. Charleston is about 4-5 hour trip for us from western North Carolina across and crossing the entire state of South Carolina hauling a camper in tow. We found the campground back in May 2018 and instantly grew fond of the proximity to Charleston and Folly Beach. Either one are only 10-15 minutes away and in season it's a cool $60/night. We Yelped the closest place with the most reviews and found the Bohemian Bull.

No shower or primping we loaded into old Tom and took off. It was a 10 minute drive from the campground at 5pm. Traffic was pretty thick on a two lane back road that winds off a 4 lane through the back country to the campground. Once we hit the 4 lane stop and go was over and it was a race and if hadn’t been mapping we probably would’ve drove past the joint.  The sign is there but it is the only thing from the highway that lets you know you are in the right place.

bohemian bull

This is actually a two trip post because we were so freaking hungry the first time and super early ( for us anyway) we didn't want to wait around for dark to come to see the outside patio. The front of the building is fairly straightforward just walk in the front door to be greeted by the hostess. There may not be anyone standing there to greet you. Both times we went it was a bit awkward standing there waiting for someone to acknowledge us but we always pass this time by checking the place out and we normally just sit at the bar anyway. The hostess did come and we told her we would just sit at the bar.

On our second trip we showed up during trivia night and the place was packed. We asked to be set out back and the hostess gave us a little of a puzzled look but obliged. As soon as we cracked the back door open and started our walk through the rebar arched breezeway we understood the puzzled look… it was full of kids. There were probably a dozen kids running around in this area with a couple groups of adults hovering over a table. Looked like the end of a birthday party to me and a few presents and balloon sightings later confirmed it.

Beer glass and full bar

We sit for a long time before we were introduced to our server and honestly we grew a smidge worried that we had been sit down and forgot. She appeared though and took our drink order, beer and a bloody mary, and explained the special to us. As she left we surveyed our surroundings again to see if this was going to be comfortable or maybe we should move back inside. We had to walk through the trivia party to get to the back and while the place was packed inside and seemed vibrant the patio was full of kids running wild. Laraye watched one youngster get his head stuck between the rebar stock standing for the archway. He was quickly dislodged from what we assume was his brother with sudden kick to the head. He seemed fine with it, almost like it was normal.

boho deviled eggs

Our drinks came and we discussed our meal from there a couple of days ago. I ordered a “Big Texas Burger” and fries. Laraye got a “Shrimp Platter” which was shrimp grilled or beer battered with fries. We ordered an appetizer of “Boho Deviled Eggs” which came out looking speggtacular! We love deviled eggs! The burger was a blend of brisket and chuck with pico, guac, amercian cheese, chipotle ranch, and jalapenos. Super juicy and full of flavor on a locally sourced bun that was a dream made this burger as good as a Screen Stars thrift shop find. The fries… well that’s where it was a bit of a let down. They got the real fries which I assume are made in-house from real potatoes. We love these fries but to pull them off they have to be fresh as fuck! Anything but hot and fresh with truly natural fries is a let down and should be taken seriously. Please if you are making natural fries, make them to order.

big texas burger bohemian bull

Back to our night on the patio… we ordered. I opted for some wings and potato salad which is an unusual combination but I wanted some hot wings with something to compliment the burning sensation in my mouth. Potato salad is one of all-time favorite things in the world and of course so are hot wings. I like my wings crispy not drowning in sauce and potato salad with dill pickles and chunky potato pieces. Laraye ordered a “Boho Salad” and added shrimp and by now the kids are being gathered to leave and we decided to stay out back.

Bohemian Bull patio after dark summer night

As most of the group departed it basically left us the entire pato area to ourselves. I could hear the music playing from every corner now and it’s a solid song. I was actually impressed with the playlist all the way through the meal until  “Fishin in the Dark” by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band shuffled on and I wanted to scream! It really wasn't that bad and the song is not the worse but it did feel like a gear change from a sweet selection. Otherwise it was pretty chill back there and the server confessed that she was worried we wouldn't be happy with all those kids running around but we told her we were good several times and again we just wanted to check the patio out.

chicken wings and potato salad from bohemian bull

Chicken wings and potato salad. I ordered the medium buffalo instead of the hot buffalo I normally get because I wanted to taste the sauce and I was concerned the hot might melt my taste buds. What I like to do is get a half dozen hot and the other half not so hot to balance the flavor. Our bill last time was close to $50 before tip and I really didn't want a dozen wings at 9pm on this particular night so I chose to get only the medium. The wings were crispy and the buffalo sauce was perfect. They were probably the best hot wings that I have ever had, hands down. I know that’s a big statement for just a half dozen wings but they were that good.

bohemian bull patio after dark

The potato salad is where it's at though! Pay attention! The potato salad had pulled pork in it and big pieces of dill pickle. OH MY GOD! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE! It was so good. It was like having a bbq sandwich but creamy and without the bun. The mustard did come through but it was just a constant battle of savory mash vs tender pork vs bitter dill. I loved it! I would eat a wing and then nibble on the potatoe salad making sure to leave enough for a healthy affair after I ate my last wing.

bohemian bull patio after dark

Chill spot and even though the  place was packed inside we literally ended up with the best part all to ourselves. I think this joint is sick because it checks so many boxes: foodie, bar, inside or outside scene and live entertainment. Definitely going to be a staple in my Charleston tool box.

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