Chasing the view... 003

Chasing the view... 003

Sometimes I just love a good view. Maybe that's what I'm supposed to be doing in life or in my own opinion doing that as it was already. Some people are just not view chasers. Other peeps are chasing the fuck out of some views. Both are fine. Everyone should know that. No one should judge anyone but we all judge motherfuckers all the time. That is just the way life is. Right. 

city balcony laptop night

In my own opinion, not knowing but what I know, an explorer and we all know how it was about slave labor or other things that they were really after but I'm not going there. The point is that an explorer kept on exploring until they got to where they wanted to be. I'm good they said and keep in mind this is just an analogy.

 atlanta hotel courtyard at night

I have empathy now and I understand what it feels to say "NopE I Am GoOd". Some explorers didn't die exploring because they lived their whole life pushing the boundaries. Some retired. They died happy though because they died where they wanted to just as when an explorer dies in no familiar place but he died where he wanted too.

I'm an explorer that's ready to die on the hunt... but the truth is... I'm not. I kinda like where I am right now.


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