Historic Charleston Market for Vintage T-shirts? Negative Ghostrider!

Historic Charleston Market for Vintage T-shirts? Negative Ghostrider!

Would Charleston be a great place to source some vintage tees? I thought it would and Laraye wanted to go to the beach so this was a perfect chance to test the waters of a sweet vintage t-shirt haul. If you are really looking for a tee hunters description of the market then just skip down to the end. I tend to get long winded creating context, some people love it and some people don't.

man sitting by a doorway

I had been out of work for almost two months nursing a broken collarbone back to %100 and we opted not to go anywhere over the 4th of July(the week prior to my injury) this year. So in essence we were North Carolina stir crazy and it had came to head, Laraye wanted a beach trip. What Laraye wants… I suppose she gets…

The timing was horrible but the plan was to get to the beach over Labor Day. I had one last doctors appointment to determine if I went back to work on the week of Labor Day or another couple of weeks. We had our suspicion that I would not be returning to work for a couple more weeks but not enough confidence to make reservations. We/I wanted to get back to work but we/I knew I wasn’t back to full operating condition and we placed our trust in the doctors.

suburban and camper

The doctor visit put me out of work for 4 more weeks while I started physical rehab. We had waited too long and almost everything was booked up for campgrounds. We haul a 29ft camper to the beach since it’s cheaper to stay at a campground like James Island , KOA( there are 2 but I’ve never stayed at either), or Ocean Lakes in Myrtle than a hotel. Everywhere we checked was booked and they laughed at me when I ask if there was a waiting list for cancellations. We managed to secure a reservation for the week before, like M-F, which wasn't what we were planning but we were both grateful for the time and wanted to make the best of it.


We had made a visit on a  long weekend back in May which would be our first return to Charleston together in a few years. I had been to Charleston several times the year before but I was basically working and didn't look at it as an opportunity to explore since it was mainly off season. On our May trip we did stumble upon the night market setting up but there wasn't much to it.

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Vintage t-shirts has become a fast passion of mine lately and it just feels fun. It has helped me find the fuel to write about a subject. I find shirts that speak to me all the time and I am almost as interested in the story I can pull out from a t-shirt than the t-shirt itself. I still love an old t-shirt that fits just right with a message that resonates or curates a slice of pop culture. It’s been true love for me the last couple of months messing with t-shirts.

entrance to historic charleston market

The Charleston Market is 4 blocks of knick-knacks, seagrass baskets, a few new t-shirt vendors, and some food in the air conditioning. I guess I thought that the market was going to be well, you know, a market. It wasn't. It is a straight tourist trap and while I did see a bunch of people buying, I saw a hell of a lot more vendors just sitting around. It was a weekday but the markets main hours are actually weekdays 9:30am - 6:00pm. There is a night market that runs Friday/Saturday 6:30pm - 10:00pm April- December. Additionally there is supposed to be a night market on Thursdays beginning in May and I am assuming ending sometime in September according to their Facebook page. We came to check it out and… there was no market.

tshirts in the foreground and beer truck in background

We did buy a couple t-shirts or I should say that Laraye bought a couple t-shirts. I tend to save all my money for buying junk either to resell or I might make an interesting blog post about in the future. I really do love wearing a tee and then writing a post about it. The market was fun and there is legitimately something for everyone. We got hung up trying to decide what we wanted to eat and then got so hungry that we couldn’t decide but in hindsight, I wish I would have gotten one of these large biscuit concoctions.

large pan of large biscuits

If you are looking for vintage t-shirts then the market is not the place for you but I would still encourage you to go because a vendor may pop up since this writing. I also scoured a few thrift shops while I was there and came away empty handed… I am planning a trip to Ohio to source some shirts from a vintage God and I was hesitant to buy anything that I just didn't love. There were a couple of t-shirts that I guess I could of brought home from the thrift stores and I am not a regular there. I still think there is a shop somewhere in Charleston that sells vintage t-shirts. If not… then maybe I should move to Charleston.


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