Katz Sandwich Co.

Katz Sandwich Co.

We stopped in this spot on a Friday afternoon for a couple beers and a sandwich. We left with a new place to try and label as a favorite. Great food, just enough beer, and live music compliment the best ingredient to this local spot, the owner.

Katz Entrance Sign

Not a new place but “new to me” Katz Sandwich Co. came onto to my foodie radar from the right side( meaning it was a suggestion by Laraye) which doesn't happen often and to be honest I’m a little hesitant when it does happen.

That’s not to say that Laraye has bad taste but I have such weird taste I think the only person that can please myself is me most of the time. I saw the place in one of our friends Snapchat a few times a couple weeks before and Laraye had mentioned it about 3 times that week. I didn’t exactly put the two together or where it was at until I was actually there.

menu written in chalk

It’s pretty obvious when you get there where the entrance is and although I appreciate the sign (and attention to detail you can see when you get closer) it doesn’t scream “COME IN AND EAT”!. You know what I mean... like you don’t just drive by and think of it as being someplace to eat let alone the coolest spot I’ve ever been to in Lenoir.

Parking is plentiful even if a bit misunderstood. We did get a bit of the story on the parking lot situation but it’s not really news and I really thought it was fine so long as the place wasn’t packed.  We just happened to be in Tom(our 2004 burb) who can park anywhere but park where you need to and follow the sign to a Caldwell county hipster hidden gem.

I’m telling you as soon as you walk in this place you will recognize that you are in the presence of someone who cares about quality.  I call these people craft masters… you can make fun of me or call me nerdy all you want but I can tell when someone cares about the “experience” and takes pride in their craft. I love that shit. It’s my favorite thing in the whole world.

My giddy inner hipster wannabe launched into a fit of excitement when I walked in and saw the string lights hanging from the ceiling, chalkboard menu and barrel tables. Friendly voices welcomed us and directed us to sit where we like. We sat at one of the barrels which if I had anything less than enthusiastic to say, it would be about the barrels, looks cool but make it a little uncomfortable for sitting and take some adjustment to get situated.

We were starving from cleaning the basement out that day and hadn’t stopped to eat. I don't think that either one of us wanted to stop for fear of procrastination sabotaging our defeat on a couple of years worth of neglect. We made a donation run to the Goodwill and were a little grody looking to say the least, maybe I didn't smell the best. If I smelled better I would’ve gladly sit at the bar, our favorite spot almost anywhere. After a couple knee scrapes and some adjustment one at the menu told us everything, we were hungry. The menu looked awesome so we were having a hard time picking something to eat.


"Ish" our server was super awesome and any time we mentioned something he immediately offered a sample. Kat, the owner, came out and gave us a couple ideas. She has a lunch special everyday 11am-3pm that has ½ sandwich, a cup of soup, and a salad. The sandwich choice was chicken salad or pimento cheese( we love pimento cheese!) so after we tried a sample of both we decided to get one of each. The soup was broccoli cheddar and the salad was a good portion of broccoli, spinach, craisins, almonds and asiago cheese and I honestly don’t remember the dressing at this point but it was good.

This was a lot of food for $8! I thought I was going to have a hard time eating everything on my plate but I killed it but I doubt I would be able to eat all of it in a normal sitting for lunch. Laraye didn’t finish all of hers but the only thing she didn’t eat was the spinach in the salad. A lot of broccoli we know but it was really good and Kat told us she bought a bunch of broccoli so we weren’t surprised and the salad was perfect. She said she bought fresh daily and didn’t like food “hanging around” so she worked with what she had and what she could get which I thought was cool for the creative factor. The menu is just the right size to make everything look good but not get analysis paralysis.


So the place is legit and we’re planning on a return visit maybe see what's upstairs next time or check out the outdoor patio. Definitely coming to here for the live music! This place made a great first impression...one that I honestly wasn’t ready for in Lenoir. Katz Sandwich Co. is a bit of a step outside “downton Lenoir” but it is honestly the best spot I’ve ever been to in Lenoir. I’m gonna go out on a limb here because I wasn’t part of the pre-commercial Asheville crowd but it’s got that vibe. Cool place.

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