Relaxing enough to relax

This has been a great weekend! 

I've had such a good time hanging out with my girls! 

I love these two more than I'll ever be able to say. They have taught me to love unconditionally. Unwinding has been fun with a bunch of reflection... 

I really REALLY need to relax. My life is good right now and I feel like I'm going to make it alright. This has allowed me to focus on some things internally that needed to be deciphered. 

I've not struggled with making content ( although the lack of "published" content between post doesn't accurately reflect that) but I have struggled with releasing that out of fear of being perfect. I love how ideas can just flow into the keyboard now but I'm still not even started with promoting on social. I still don't feel good enough. 

It's kind of like I need some kind of elitism to feel accepted or something !?!? I'm super disappointed in myself but I'm also becoming spider-man fucking serious about selfAwareness. It is nice. 

From now on tjtimbo blog post are just not going to be that great. I need lots and lots of practice to get good at this and I have to put it out. I'm working on a solution to give me more mobility within my environment. I'm seriously justifying myself to myself and I'm also telling myself that it could be time to relax and enjoy life. No matter how fucked up or great the situation my best outlook is on the next second. Literally. Thank you. 

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