About Us

By "US" I specifically mean myself until I can hire some more people around here. 

SocialClouds, tjtimbo, and Fowlers Trading Company are all social identities owned by myself and represent my own views.

I am a freelance generalist and I feel like that may be a stretch since I just made it up but I'm basically here to sell shit. This is a lifestyle brand  to keep me busy in my spare time. I take this business seriously in a sense that I love to travel and one day I hope to travel at the leisure of doing business. I love traveling to different cultures that much! I'm fascinated by the newness of the world everywhere I go... Love it. 

This brand will always have a deep connection to Western North Carolina in the Hickory Metro, specifically Rhodhiss, NC! Born in Lenoir, NC and spending most of life in Rhodhiss till I joined the Navy. "Let the Journey Begin" ... 

Fast forward to today and I am developing my own personal brand through these companies. I create my own merchandise products and maintain my own social identities, promotion budget, website design, etc... 

It's a lot to say that I am a freelance generalist and you are just checking my latest body of work out. Welcome. I hope that we can get more acquainted and until then I wish you happiness and health.